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    Business Solutions
    We make business run better
    Cerquit Financial Suite
    Cerquit Financial Suite is a BIR compliant CAS
    (Computerized Accounting System) designed to support basic to
    advanced accounting modules to streamline accounting process,
    centralize financial information, improve employees’
    productivity, and generate financial reports on the fly.
    Cerquit Loans
    Cerquit Loans Management System is a web application
    that is designed to support from micro-financing companies
    to large -scale real estate developers. Cerquit Loans is a
    solution to the complex requirements of any lending company.
    It covers application of loans, managing receivables ,
    financial assistance, collections, and creating reports.
    Cerquit Warehouse
    Construction Inventory Management System (CIMS) is a web-based
    application that allows users to manage the company's supply
    chain by providing reliable information about
    inbound / outbound delivery, Bill of Materials (BOM),
    tracking of assets and items, as well as current inventory levels.
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    Helps our clients work more efficient
    and gives them high Return of Investment.
    It is a fact that not all off-the-shelf software products meet
    your needs, thus the need to look for custom software
    development -- an investment that can repay itself many
    times over through increased efficiency.
    Custom Software Development
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    Streamline your process to accelerate your business
    Cerquit designs their products to seamlessly integrate with each
    other and third party applications. This provides our customers
    flexibility and cost effective solution for the business.

    Cerquit designs, develops, and deploys custom software that is
    tailored to address dynamic demands of your business.
    Systems Integration
    Accounting System
    Micro Lending System
    Construction Inventory Management System
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    Software Develepment and Outsourcing
    Custom Software Development
    Computerized Accounting System
    Warehouse Management System
    Mobile development
    Loans Management System

Products and Business Solutions
CERQUIT specializes in creating business solutions that gives companies a competitive edge.

We leverage in keeping abreast with the latest technologies and development across platforms to offer the widest range of global-standard web, mobile, desktop, smart client, and the latest cloud-based application development; and integration tools and technologies to equip enterprise in electronic migrations. Our pioneering team’s software engineering experience equips us with the right mix of expertise to design and build powerful and relevant solution for your business.

Open, Scalable, Secure

CERQUIT products are designed to integrate with each other and third party applicaiton to make it cost effective, ensure continuity, and address future demands the business. Our products are customizable, scalable, extensible, and secured.

Computerized Accounting System - BIR Compliant

Cerquit Financial Suite

Designed to address business demands and needs that can grow together with the business. This is composed of Cerquit Accounting System and Basic Inventory System. The application is highly customizable to suit different business needs. The system also supports Bureau of Internal Revenue book reports and conforms with BIR Computerized Accounting System revenue regulations and security requirements.

Cerquit Loans Management System

Cerquit Loans

A holistic solution to the complex requirements of any loan and lending business; it covers managing of extensive tasks - application of loans, managing receivables , financial assistance, collections, and creating reports. It aims to promote productivity, efficiency and convenience to not just collection officers, but to the managers, executives and business owners.

Construction Inventory Management System


A Construction Inventory Management System (CIMS) that allows construction business owners to manage the company's material supply chain and enhance customer satisfaction by providing reliable information about inbound / outbound delivery as well as current inventory levels. Tracking of product inventory, quantity at each warehouse, movement history, stocking status made easier using the system.

Software Development and Outsourcing

Custom software development is one of the core strength of Cerquit. We offer quality assured software services with flexible payment terms - fixed-scope fixed-price, milestone based, monthly retainer, or flexible time & material options.

We help organizations solve complex and dynamic business requirements with minimal cost and high return of investment by introducing new software application solutions or re-engineerd applications that streamline business process and give them peace of mind. Below are some of the projects we already accomplished.


Who We Are

Cerquit Solutions, Inc. is a Philippine-based technology company with experience and expertise in software development. It is composed of people who are not only tech savvy but also are professional, proactive, and have the passion for excellence and always on the forefront in bringing satisfaction to customers' needs and requirements.


We value our people. We recognize their worth and empower them to be at their best at all times.


We believe in good relationship. We achieve such through trust and respect.


We believe in the golden rule to serve and treat others the way we want others to serve and treat us.


We believe that working together produces a total output greater than the sum of an individual output.


We empower our people to overcome fear because we believe that each individual is powerful beyond measure.


We demonstrate our commitment to the company and our clients by being pro-active, maintaining a focused interest in our jobs, and taking accountability and pride in our work every day.

What we do

CERQUIT Solutions Inc. is a software company based in the Philippines that caters Information Technology (IT) services worldwide. We specialize in custom software development, financial applications, business process automation, and systems integration.

Our agile software development team is composed of people who have gained solid experiences from various reputable IT and software development companies in providing solutions to local and international markets. They have teamed up to establish Cerquit Solutions, Inc., which is fast becoming a strong player in Philippines software industry. With financial stability provided by stockholders who are visionaries themselves in the area of business and software development in particular, Cerquit is geared towards becoming the leading software development company in the Philippines.

Cerquit Product Milestones Updates

Cerquit Product Milestones Updates

As our commitment to our customers we continue to upgrade our products with the latest features and technology to address customer and business demands. Here are the latest milestones and updates on our products.

Special Projects

Special Projects

Laser Guidance Alignment System. Developed laser guidance alignment system using C#, Windows CE, and Windows Mobile 6 platform. It is interfaced with a laser and target alignment hardware via wireless protocol.

Case Studies

Case Studies

Automated Transcription Operations Manager (ATOM) for Scripsys

At Scripsys, Inc., transcription processing routines used to require moretime from the administrators to copy and transfer files from the client folder to the...

Technical Expertise

Cerquit develop software applications using number of solution technologies which ensure that products are efficient, portable, scalable, secure, extensible, and maintainable.